Corning Incorporated is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. For more than 165 years, Corning has applied its unparalleled expertise in glass science, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products and processes that have transformed industries and enhanced people’s lives.

Since ushering in the telecommunications revolution with the invention of low-loss optical fiber in 1970, Corning has been continually innovating to increase the speed and capacity of optical networks, while reducing installation costs. Today, we are delivering solutions for growing segments like fiber to the home, wireless technology, and hyper-scale data centers. Learn more

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Welcome to the Glass Age

Evolve Your Network. Transform The World.

Corning’s optical communications solutions are a prime example of our strategy.  They leverage our best-in-the-world expertise in three core technologies, as well as four expert manufacturing and engineering platforms. We’re also using fusion, one of our four manufacturing and engineering platforms, to create new interconnects for high-speed switches, routers, and servers.

Learn how Corning leverages its focused portfolio to uniquely address the Optical Communications market.

In-Building Networks

The network is changing. Whether its key to your businesses’ competitive edge or keeping your customers and employees connected, your network is now the fourth utility.

Just like water, electricity and natural gas, the connectivity the network provides is vital to keeping your enterprise alive. Corning has evolved its solutions to not only meet the demands of today’s changing network but also allow you the flexibility and control to take advantage of future technologies.

Whether a traditional LAN deployment, cellular coverage for your location or the next generation of  in-building networks, Corning has the solution.

Data Center Networks

With the continued expansion and growth in the data center, a well-planned cabling infrastructure is critical.

Trends and technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are not only driving major changes in our everyday lives, they are also forcing data center owners and operators to evolve, or risk being left behind.


Our EDGE solutions were the industry’s first preterminated optical cabling systems specifically designed for the data center environment, and the value that EDGE provides to the industry continues to be proven.


That’s the motivation behind EDGE8 solutions. All the value of our original EDGE solutions, with the added superior network scalability, improved link performance and 100 percent fiber utilization of a base-8 design.

CleanAdvantage™ Technology

Corning takes care of the cleaning process with the new CleanAdvantage™ technology. You can save up to 17% on installation time and up to 95% on consumables. Uncap the connector and connect to any EDGE or EDGE8 solution.


Connect to an easier way to specify, purchase, and install your local area network (LAN). For easy reference, we’ve listed our most popular LAN fiber cables, connectors, patch panels, and related accessories, as well as shielded copper products required to get the job done right – right now! This tip-to-tip offering reflects our most frequently ordered products.
To reduce the time and effort you spend on your infrastructure, we have compiled this guide to provide you with at-a-glance ordering information for our most popular products as well as innovative resources we’ve created to help save you time and money – because products are only part of what it takes to make your data center successful.
Your time is valuable. So when you’re creating bills of materials, why spend more time than the task really demands? Our BOM tool enables you to quickly select the fiber optic and copper products you need to move on with the rest of your day. After you have created your Material list, you easily forward to your preferred contact at Ingram Micro.


Corning’s primary focus is broad optical fiber cabling solutions, powered by innovation, relationships, and technology development. Our relationship with our business partners and customers goes beyond offering products and services for all types of communication networks – Fiber to the Premise (FTTP), Cable TV operators, data centers, local area and in-building wireless networks.

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